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* Kona Resort  - http://www.previewfirst.com/vt/40175  --

Recently, Ridley Interior Design was called for a “color consultation”.  The client already had furniture, but needed help updating their look with new interior and exterior wall colors, flooring throughout, and whether they could do anything with their kitchen cabinetry.  The house was originally designed and built by an architect, so it had great architectural features and views from every room.  Laura utilized a program that allows her to take photos, load them into the computer, then show the client each room with color options.  This was a great visualizing tool.  The client loved the combination of overall colors and accent colors.


Since the client’s kitchen and bath cabinetry was in good condition, a decision was made to recycle it by staining it darker and adding new hardware.  Flooring and baseboards were changed throughout the house with a combination of tile, stone, wood, and carpet.    Lighting fixtures were updated, electrical and switch plates were changed, new sink hardware installed, and door handles changed to lever style.  The client had fun shopping for some accessories and art which finished off the new look of their home.  It is fascinating how a few changes can transform a space and this is a good example!  Check out the "Befores" and "Afters" on this one.


* Beachside Retreat  -  http://www.previewfirst.com/vt/35723 --

It is amazing how being close to the beach can be therapeutic, relaxing, and invigorating.  Hearing the waves rhythmically crashing, breathing the fresh clean air, and feeling the sand between your toes produces endorphins that calm the soul.  That is why this family decided a weekend retreat within a short distance from their home would be ideal.  However, they wanted the interior changed to suit their tastes, so they called their designer, Laura Ridley.


Blending some of the contemporary wood furnishings with a more cottage look presented a challenge for Laura.  Color was used on the walls to give a feeling of being in an aquarium.  The white washed kitchen and bathroom cabinetry faces were stained darker, plus new doors and hardware were installed to give a shaker  or post-modern look.  Indoor/Outdoor fabrics were used on the new upholstery to prevent fading.  Motorized solar shades were installed to cut the glare yet still provide a view of the sun setting.  An extra long multi-functional custom bunk bed with trundle, desk, and storage space was designed to fit in one of the odd shaped rooms.  Another bedroom had the nighttime iridescent constellation painted onto the ceiling.  This beachside retreat provides the family with all the amenities and escapism they need for a weekend!

 * San Diego Contemporary Condo  -  http://www.previewfirst.com/vt/21806  -
This condo is a second home for a client.  When they go to "the city" for events, they can use it as a "pied-a-terre" for the weekends.  The clean contemporary style  offers diversity to their normal living space and has a hotel atmosphere.  The client had worked with Laura Ridley in the past and knew that she could  meet their expectations.   Ridley Interior Design specified and procured all wall finishes and furnishings including the dishes  and linens.

* Escondido Country English Home  -  http://www.previewfirst.com/vt/22088 - 
When this homeowner asked Laura Ridley for assistance, remodeling had already begun.  The home was gutted and they needed the designer's eye for some of the decisions to be made.   They wanted a classic look that would not be outdated quickly.   Laura was able to assist them on wall, trim, cabinetry, and fireplace finishes, plus other suggestions during the construction phase.   She also did a furniture layout and supplied all the new furnishings, window treatments and flooring throughout the home.  Some existing furnishings were integrated with the new and reupholstered to color coordinate. 

* Fallbrook Classy Country Kitchen Remodelhttp://www.previewfirst.com/vt/25560 - 
Homeowners spend more time in the kitchen than any other location besides the bedroom.   Upgrades to the kitchen can enhance the value of the home plus be a joy to the homeowner "chef".  Laura had worked with this client previously, and was called in for a "color consultation" for the kitchen cabinetry.  The kitchen was 30 years old, some of the cabinetry was in need of repair, and Laura knew that new paint on the cabinetry would just be a temporary fix.  It would not have the longevity, quality, and usefulness that the homeowner desired. 
Therefore, new space plans were done to show the client how improvements could be accomplished for a better functioning and aesthetically pleasing kitchen.  A bid packet was made and distributed by Ridley Interior Design, evaluated for comparisons, then presented to the homeowner.   After the homeownwer committed to one of the contractors, Ridley Interior Design, continued following through with selections, purchases, project coordination and timing to assure all work was being completed according to plans, code, and timeframe while the homeowner was on vacation.
* Traditional Ranchhttp://www.previewfirst.com/vt/27085
Many times we do not realize how much "stuff" we have till we have to scale down.  This homeowner had reached that "empty nest" stage and decided they did not need such a large home.  They bought a new home and needed assistance deciding what furnishings to keep and which furnishings would have to go.  Laura completed a furniture layout for the new home which combined old and new furnishings, paint colors and flooring.  A list was generated as to which existing furnishings were to be kept and which furnishings were no longer needed.   Then window treatments, bedding and upholstery fabrics were coordinated for the new residence. 

* Sophisticated Country French http://www.previewfirst.com/vt/27938
One of the best things a homeowner can do when building a custom home is to retain an interior designer to start with the architect.  This homeonwer had just received the preliminary plans for their new home when they asked Laura Ridley to review them.  She returned a two page single typed list of concerns and suggestions for the space.  Thereafter, they continued to utilize her for consultations on cabinetry layout, lighting, finishes, etc.  The homeowner wanted all spaceplanning, furniture selections, and window treatments ready for installation once construction was completed.  This entailed storage of furnishings, some last minute measures for window treatments, and expediting to assure everything would be installed at the same time.  The living room bow window required special engineering of the custom cornice designed by Laura.  It was manufactured and installed as one continuous piece. 

* Caribbean Styling
This client called on Laura Ridley for assistance in their living room.  They had a basic traditional style and wanted a more relaxed inviting look.  The floor was carpet and the walls were white.  Since some of the existing furniture was antique, we decided to design the room in the Carribean / Tommy Bahama / Ernest Hemingway style by adding wood floors, plantation shutters, and a soft green on the walls.  The new furnishings combining wicker with tropical looking fabrics and indoor plants added just the right touch for the casual Caribbean Style. 

* Newport Coast Theater Room - Orange County Philharmonic Design House
In 1999 home theater rooms were scarce and primarily for the wealthy.  Laura envisioned a theater room that could function as a retreat and still maintain the look of a den.  The walls were upholstered with a silk fabric to help the acoustics and soft cove lighting was installed for ambiance.  It was a multi-functional space that was pure escapism, and it opened the doors to the new home theater rooms of today.  Laura obtained the expertise of Genesis Audio for all the leading edge electronics and installation.  The theater room became an award winner and was featured in Audio Visual Magazine nationwide. 

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