Fall 2014
Del Mar Home & Garden Show Presentation
10 Easy Remodeling Changes
For more functional living spaces

The following outline of the speech I gave at the Del Mar Home & Garden Show shows
10 Easy Remodeling Changes you can make to your home. A simple modification of the
left column items to more user-friendly right column items will give your home a pleasant
functional use of the space for all members of your family for years to come.

 AVOID THESE:                                                                     USE THESE --


  1. Knobs                                                  1)  Handles / Levers

    For doors, cabinets, cooktops, faucets                             Easier to grip, pull, or push


  2. Low Seat Heights (12-16”aff)                                2)  Higher Seat Height (17-21”aff)

    For sofas, chairs, toilets                                                      Easier to raise and lower self into


  3. Soft Flooring                                                             3)  Firmer Flooring

    High pile carpet, area rugs                                                 Dense low pile carpet, wood, tile

                                                                                                    Better footing, less tripping


  4. Stairs / Steps                                                            4)  Ramps, Elevators, Escalators, Hand Rails

    For Entries, floor level changes, landscapes                  Safer & easier access for all


  5. Narrow Entries, Doorways, & Halls                     5)  Double door entries,36” doors,48” halls

    Causes problems maneuvering or passing                    Easier access and turning radius    


  6. High Counters only                                                  6)  Combination of high and low counters

    Limits activities by height level                                       Good for varying heights of people    

                                                                                                  standing or sitting             


  7. Inadequate Lighting                                                7)  Light all corners of room, use combo of

  8. Poor visibility, causes eye strain                                      General / task / & mood lighting, under-

  9. Contributes to falls                                                             cabinet lighting, LED energy efficient 

  10.                                                                                                bulbs, solatubes, motion & light sensor

  11. Fixed deep cabinet shelving                                  8)  Drawers, sliding trays, organizers

  12. Difficulty accessing                                                             Easier visibility & access to products


  13. Dangerous bathrooms                                           9)  Slip-resistant surfaces, higher toilet

    (too many falls in this room)                                            seat height, level flooring transitions,

                                                                                                  decorative integrated grab bars

  14.  Lack of surface contrast                                       10) Color contrast to accent a wall, niche,or

     Is bland  & lacks visibility                                                  transition area; Pattern for personality;

                                                                                                   And Texture for tactile senses


Recently, a friend was preparing to give a presentation at a luncheon and asked me for a few "inside designer tips", so I thought I would share them here also.....
 1) Many people forget to decorate two rooms, and yet they are the ones that can have the highest impact in design, color, personality, and make a statement of who you are -- the entry and the powder rooms. They set the stage for the rest of the house, so don't ignore them.
2) I love to do accent walls of color or design. Find at least one wall that can be a focal point with a splash of bold color, wallpaper, panelling, or an oversized piece of artwork. It will add drama to a room.
3) A simple way to freshen accessories and artwork is to take everything down off the walls and tables, buy a few new pieces, then mix up the look by hanging artwork and placing accessories in different rooms or on different walls than where they were before. Always start with the largest pieces first because it is easier to find locations for smaller items.
4) Instead of using a comforter on the bed, just use layers of fine sheets and linens. A duvet can also be made out of your favorite sheets. It is a very clean and simple look -- great for summer too.
5) If a window shade or something is needed at a window to give privacy or cut off the ugly view, add a decorative film to the window instead. It will transmit the light and add beauty to the area. Window films come in a variety of etched looks from subtle to opaque.
- End -

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2010 EClub “Tip of the Week”  - 

Week 26 – July

By Laura Ridley, ASID, CID






 Ahh, summer bliss!  Spending time outdoors during the summer is rejuvenating – fresh air and sunshine, ocean waves lapping at our toes, and all the garden greenery.  Why not incorporate some of these pleasurable atmospheres in your home for year around enjoyment? 



Three excellent methods of bringing the outdoors into your home are:



1)      Skylights - A skylight creates extra lighting in darker areas of your home and saves on your electric bill.  Skylights can be as small as a recessed light in your ceiling, yet illuminate your hall or bathroom for the entire day without ever flipping on a light switch. 



2)     Fountains - A fountain, whether small or large, can be a visually pleasing object of decor plus add pleasant sound affects to your living spaces.  Consider using a wall-hugger style in your entry for a dramatic effect, or a small one in your bedroom for the calming sleep noise of trickling water. 



3)     Plants - Greenery and flowers add color, softness, and an earthiness to our homes.  Use at least one plant in each room to enhance your sense of well-being.  If you don’t have a green thumb, use preserved, artificial, or dried plants.  However, live plants improve indoor air quality by filtering carbon dioxide and other off gases in the room, and producing new oxygen for you to breathe.  Sit close to a plant – you’ll feel better! 




Now, you can relax and enjoy a touch of the outdoors indoors for the remainder of the year!



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